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I’ve spent my life fighting for what I believe in. When I was 32, President Nixon had me arrested. 50 years later I was arrested five times for protesting the government’s inaction on climate change. It’s no secret that I have a history of ruffling feathers in Washington.

Today, support for climate action is unprecedented. The public is voting with the climate in mind, but the people we elect are not. This has led me to reflect on what we need to do to secure meaningful action on climate. Our planet is on fire and our leaders are failing us, so if we can’t change the minds of the people in power, we need to change the people in power. 

It is for that reason that I started Jane Fonda Climate PAC, which is laser-focused on one goal: Do what it takes to defeat fossil fuel supporters and elect climate champions at all levels of government. 

I believe this is the most important thing I will do in my lifetime. 


Jane Fonda, Principal

Jane Fonda has famously dedicated her life to activism, most recently mobilizing thousands of people to take action on climate through Fire Drill Fridays, a set of weekly climate demonstrations on Capitol Hill. Her book, What Can I Do? My Path from Climate Despair to Action, equips activists with the tools needed to engage and take action on climate change.

Annie Leonard, Co-Executive Director of Greenpeace USA and creator of The Story of Stuff (organizations listed for identification purposes only).

Annie Leonard is an experienced and prominent climate change leader in the United States. She has a track record of over 30 years of activism and is currently the co-Executive Director of Greenpeace US where she leads a team to inspire and mobilize millions of people to take action to create a more sustainable and just future together.

Note: While Annie is advising Jane on a volunteer basis, Jane’s Climate PAC is independent from Greenpeace and the collaboration it runs with Jane, Fire Drill Fridays.


The climate crisis poses unprecedented threats to our communities, our environment, our economy, and our security. It’s not too late to change our course. But it won’t happen as long as oil, gas, and coal companies maintain their stranglehold on American politics. 

In 2020, the fossil fuel industry poured $139 million into our elections. This money has real consequences. Major solutions are stopped cold: the Green New Deal, Build Back Better, clean energy investments, ending billions in tax subsidies to the fossil fuel industry — all because of politicians backed by Big Oil.

Fossil fuel lobbyists and their money control Congress. They block actions with huge donations to politicians from both parties. Jane Fonda Climate PAC will help elect leaders who will rise to the urgency of this moment and stand up to the fossil fuel industry.

Jane Fonda Climate PAC will leverage the donations of those who are climate concerned to counter the outsized influence the fossil fuel industry has on our government. We will make sure politicians who support oil and gas are as afraid for their jobs as we are about the impending climate disaster.


We have reached a stark turning point. We are no longer just imagining how the world will look in a disrupted climate; we’re seeing and feeling the reality of the crisis every single day as we witness wildfires, heat waves, and floods destroy communities. The most recent IPCC report told us that half of the world population is already in the danger zone, that every fraction of a degree matters, and that every second counts. Scientists tell us we have just eight years left to curtail fossil fuel use and prevent the worst climate outcomes.

It’s not too late to change our course. But it won’t happen as long as oil, gas, and coal companies maintain their stranglehold on American politics.

We have to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half in the next eight years to avoid complete climate disaster. That means we have just four election cycles to elect politicians who will stand up to the fossil fuel industry and fight for the future of our planet.

It’s not too late to make a change, but we need to act right away. We are going to target candidates and elected officials who are protecting fossil fuels instead of protecting people and the planet.

This moment calls for agile, aggressive action, and we are ready to provide it. This is just the start of an effort that will last for years to come, help level the playing field in our political system, and elect true climate leaders across the nation. If we don’t act now, things will only get worse.

2022 Victories









Becca Balint, VT

Sydney Kamlager, CA-37










Tina’s track record of standing up for a clean energy future speaks for itself. She passed laws to ban offshore drilling, Enact a statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, ensure access to clean air and water by passing an Oregon Environmental Protection Act, and held polluters accountable by allowing state regulators to refuse permits to chronic violators of environmental regulations. We know that she will protect the progress we have made and will keep up the fight when she wins on Nov 8.




As Michigan’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel has a strong track record of standing up to the fossil fuel industry and holding them accountable for their destructive practices. She reached a settlement with Consumer Energy to end the use of coal in Michigan by 2025 and joined a group of other AGs from around the country calling on the SEC to enforce climate impact disclosure requirements on companies that too often get away with polluting our environment with no repercussions. She’s also been a key leader in the fight to shut down the Line 5 pipelines that pose a grave threat to Michigan’s environment and its economy. We know that she will continue the fight against climate change and deadly fossil fuel pollution when she’s re-elected in November.



As Attorney General, Keith Ellison is on the frontlines of Minnesota's climate action; he filed a consumer-protection lawsuit against ExxonMobil, the American Petroleum Institute, and Koch Industries for deceiving Minnesotans for decades about the true causes and costs of climate change and leaving Minnesotans with an astronomical bill.
In 2019, the Attorney General's office moved aggressively with State agencies to protect workers from lead poisoning at a suburban facility and worked closely with the Pollution Control Agency to shut down a longtime polluter in North Minneapolis. At the federal level, Keith joined a lawsuit against the Trump Administration for undermining the Endangered Species Act and sued the Trump administration for curtailing environmental review of federal actions.




In the State Assembly, Rob introduced legislation to pass the California Green New Deal, a bill that would drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels, create clean energy jobs, protecting and support the marginalized communities that bear the brunt of the climate crisis. As Attorney General, he’s continued the fight. From working with other Attorneys General across the country to reverse disastrous Trump-era energy policies to investigating Big Oil for their role in polluting our oceans and fueling the climate crisis, he’s proven to be the kind of leader we need in office to save our planet before it’s too late.


Dawn Addis, CA AD-30


Dawn Addis is committed to addressing the climate crisis and protecting California’s Central Coast. As a mom, teacher, and city councilmember Dawn is committed to addressing the climate crisis and solving environmental issues before it's too late. On City Council, Dawn has championed climate action and led the passage of resolutions declaring a climate emergency and opposing the expansion of fracking. She has also worked to conserve land, create clean water resilience, and move alternative energy projects forward. In the State Assembly, Dawn will continue to be the champion we all need for climate action.



Caroline Menjivar is running for California State Senate District 20 that includes the San Fernando Valley and Burbank. A Marine Corps veteran, former EMT, and social worker, Caroline is endorsed by the California Environmental Voters and California Environmental Justice Alliance because she is committed to advancing equitable climate policy and holding fossil fuel corporations accountable for polluting our air and water. She will work to invest in public health to address high asthma rates and focus on bringing more public transportation infrastructure, open spaces, and sustainable jobs to our communities.




Aisha Wahab is a true champion of environmental justice and climate control. She has advocated for the creation of a Wildfire Prevention Joint Powers of Authority to fight fires more regionally and strategically in California. On council, Aisha has pushed bold policies that invested $900 million dollars in the Hayward/Bay Area Shoreline. She is committed to investing in a robust and sustainable infrastructure that will not only create jobs but will reduce carbon emissions in line with the projected timelines. In the State Senate Aisha will continue to be a champion for environmental justice and will fight to preserve and nurture our one planet.




Sara Aminzadeh is a climate candidate running for the California Assembly with a 25-point plan to accelerate climate action, and the skills and expertise to deliver on it. Sara has dedicated her life to environmental action as an attorney and advocate working with the Waterkeeper movement for clean water and took on the Trump Administration to defend California's environmental laws. She intends to start a "climate caucus" in the California Legislature to build power around needed reforms, with a focus on environmental justice. Sara would be the first Iranian American woman to serve in the California Legislature and the first woman in twenty years to represent her community in the Assembly. Sara's purpose in seeking elected office is to leave her four-year-old son Henry a livable planet, free from the constant threat of extreme heat, wildfire, drought and rising sea levels.




Christy Holstege has been an environmental justice champion throughout her career as a civil rights attorney and Mayor of Palm Springs, leading actions to address the disproportionate impact of climate change on communities of color and the economically disadvantaged, as well as the public health and environmental consequences resulting from air and water pollution. Under Mayor Holstege's direction, the City of Palm Springs forged partnerships to provide 100% carbon-free energy to over 23,000 residents at a reduced cost and put up 11 megawatts of new wind energy across the city- the equivalent of getting 25,000 cars off of the road and powering 5,000 households. As the Assembly Representative for AD 47, Christy will continue to fight for climate justice by holding gas and oil companies accountable for price-gouging, scaling up green energy infrastructure, and ensuring that all communities are able to thrive in a clean-energy economy.




Having spent her childhood summers camping with her family, Pilar has a deep and personal connection to nature. Pilar knows that climate change is the single biggest issue we face as a state, a nation, and as a global community. Working with the California Nurses Association to address the climate crisis, Pilar brings an important public health lense to the fight for climate justice. Pilar will work for policies to reduce the impacts of climate change on us all, including reducing fire threats and investing in forest maintenance. We face a real threat that there may not be enough water for our local communities. Pilar will fight for state investment to ensure our community has the water we need - in water table infrastructure, rainwater capture, and water reuse.




Jenn’s leadership on climate change and championing for clean energy access sets her apart as the kind of leader Michigan needs in the State House to tackle the climate crisis. From her work as a clean energy consultant in the private sector to her tenure on the Marquette City council, we know she has what it takes to lead on this issue, and will take that fight to the State House if elected.




Senator Erika Geiss is exactly the kind of leader we need in the state house to address the climate crisis. During her time in office so far, she has led in the fight to shut down the deadly Line 5 oil tunnel, stood up to special interests on key climate votes, and is the founder and chair of the State Senate’s first Environmental Justice Caucus. She also understands that the environmental threats we’re facing are not just far-off hypotheticals – in 2021, during an environmental spill in Flat Rock, she worked closely with local, state, and federal groups and individuals to make sure residents had access to the information and tools that they needed to navigate the crisis. We know she’ll continue this work if re-elected.




Donavan McKinney is a dedicated public servant who we can count on to lead on Climate in the State House. He currently serves as the National Political Director for Climate Power, an environmental organization dedicated to influencing the national conversation around climate change and emboldening leaders to take immediate climate action. In 2020 he was appointed by Governor Whitmer to serve on the state’s first Environment Justice Council. His dedication to addressing climate change and his extensive track record of public service and leadership means he is exactly the kind of leader we need to see in the State House to tackle the climate crisis.




Betsy Coffia is a true leader in the fight to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and to protect our planet from deadly fossil fuel pollution. As a long-time activist and organizer, she gained the trust of the people of Grand Traverse County, where she currently is serving her second term on the Board of Commissioners. When it comes to her role as a public servant, she put it best when she said in 2019, “I was elected to work for the public interest and the people of Grand Traverse County, not the bottom line of a foreign oil company[…]” We know that if elected she will take this same approach to representing the 103rd District in the State House.



Representative Gina Hinojosa is an established environmental justice leader in the Texas House of Representatives. During her tenure, she has fought hard against fossil fuel polluters by issuing the Texas Emissions Report, identifying top polluting industries in the state. She also spearheaded the creation of the Texas Climate Plan, and she created the Texas Youth Climate Corps to educate students about climate change via weekly Zoom "teach-ins" during the pandemic. Our communities are under assault by a changing climate and we need strong Democratic leaders in Texas willing to take on the fossil fuel industry and hold them accountable. Rep. Hinojosa is just the person for that job.




Rep. Zwiener understands that Texas is ground-zero in the fight against climate change and fossil fuel polluters. During her time in office, she earned a well-deserved reputation as a leader on climate. She is well known for stopping efforts to give handouts to polluters before they make it to the House floor and is the founder of the Texas House Caucus on Climate, Environment, and the Energy Industry. We know that she will continue to represent the people, not the fossil fuel industry, and will fight to reduce fossil fuel pollution and hold bad actors accountable as long as she is in office.




State Senator Sarah Eckhardt has a long track record of working to address climate resilience through initiatives related to land-use, water policies, and response to flood and fire risk. Texas cannot continue being the energy capital of the world without leading on the transition to renewable sources and battery storage. The fossil fuel technologies on which we have relied for the last century have dire costs we will be paying for centuries to come. There is not a moment to lose to avoid the worst of those impacts.


James Talarico, TX HD 50

Elected as the youngest member of the Texas Legislature, Rep. James Talarico knows that climate change is an existential crisis. He filed the Texas Climate Action Act to establish greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, energy efficiency standards, and a resiliency plan with a framework for local involvement. As a former teacher, Rep. Talarico worked alongside activists to file legislation that would institute air and water quality standards in public schools and require teaching students about climate change. By teaching climate change in our schools, we can inspire a new generation of climate activists.




Cathy Spahr knows we are running out of time when it comes to the climate crisis. That’s why her goal as a transportation planner is to get people out of their cars and safely connected to other forms of mobility to reduce our carbon footprint. Co-founder of the kids lobbying group, Send the Lorax to Washington, Cathy is looking to bring the lessons of Dr. Suess’s The Lorax, and her collaborative, consensus-building skills to Harrisburg to get Pennsylvania off carbon and connected to other energy options!




Senator Katie Muth has taken on the tough fights in Harrisburg to combat the industries that are raking in record profits for their shareholders, gouging consumers at the pump, and sticking taxpayers with the bill to clean up their mess. For three decades the majority party in Harrisburg has done little to nothing to protect Pennsylvanians' constitutional right to clean air and pure water. Senator Muth has been fearless in her pursuit to hold corporate polluters responsible and transition Pennsylvania towards a green economy that will create family-sustaining jobs, make our communities safer, reduce costs, and help us achieve energy independence.




Johanny knows that communities of color have been alienated from the climate change conversation for way too long and continue to have limited to no access to the necessary resources for their communities. She will assure that resources will be accessible to help marginalized communities better equip themselves and will fight for legislation that cracks down on polluters and holds them accountable for the damage they cause. She will lead on investments in clean, renewable energy and a sensible transition away from fossil fuels if elected.


Stephanie Garcia Richard, NM Commissioner of Public Lands


Stephanie Garcia Richard is the first woman, Latina, and educator ever elected to serve as Commissioner of Public Lands in New Mexico and earn revenue for public schools and hospitals on 13 million acres of public land. Her climate and conservation work is already being replicated nationally. She created the largest wind farm in the western hemisphere, and put NM on track to triple clean energy production. She has gone toe-to-toe with Big Oil and is not afraid to hold them accountable. We know her opponent, Jeff Byrd, is ready to reverse this progress if he is able to defeat her.




Secretary Maggie Toulouse Oliver knows the road towards a better future for our climate begins with a healthy democracy. She began her career working with the League of Conservation voters before her public service as a local and state election official. She diligently made New Mexico's democracy stronger by expanding ballot access, improving voting rights, and creating a more transparent campaign finance system that has shined a light on dark money fossil-fuel groups. She's been a fierce advocate for those impacted by the climate crisis, including developing contingency voting plans for citizens evacuated during her state's largest wildfire on record – a wildfire made worse by record-setting drought.




​​Despite the pressures of industry and ultra-conservative Republican leadership at the state level, during her first term in office, Lina Hidalgo has prioritized tackling root causes and direct impacts of climate change and air pollution. While governing through multiple disasters, including Winter Storm Uri and various chemical explosions– time and again the Judge and her team have invested in the communities most at risk, advanced green infrastructure, focused on preventing and mitigating future disasters, and set a model for the rest of the nation as a renewable energy corridor.


During her tenure as Assembly Speaker, she spearheaded efforts to increase energy efficiency and to ensure more Californians have access to good-paying, green jobs. In Congress, she helped deliver the largest investment in clean drinking water, wastewater infrastructure, and public transit in our nation’s history. As Mayor of Los Angeles, she’ll not only fight to end the city’s contribution to the climate crisis, she’ll ensure all communities are able to thrive in a clean-energy economy.


Lindsey is committed to transforming Los Angeles into a leading clean energy County. She has partnered with Citizens Climate Lobby on a number of issues and is a founding member of the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California - the nation’s largest community choice aggregate (CCA), and serves as an Executive Committee Member as well as the Legislative & Regulatory Committee Chair. In her community, she supported the adoption of net-zero policy goals and would work with cities and neighborhoods to do the same across Los Angeles County.

Kenneth Mejia, LA City Controller

As City Controller, Kenneth Mejia will use the power of his office to hold city officials accountable for their current progress on climate initiatives and push forward a bold strategy for ensuring that the City tackles the climate crisis efficiently and effectively. This includes accounting and auditing of funds and programs that address climate change, including the Mayor’s Green New Deal. He will also push to eliminate all fossil fuel drilling, refining, and infrastructure in the city, using any means at the city’s disposal. His office will also provide analyses and recommendations to ensure a just transition for workers.

Hugo Soto-Martínez, LA City Council D13

Hugo Soto-Martínez has earned the endorsement of environmental groups and advocates because he understands the climate crisis is not some far-off looming threat. It is here now. That’s why he is committed to taking on the fossil fuel industry on day one. This includes immediately beginning capping and cleaning our district’s 500+ urban oil wells that are currently spewing toxic fumes and making our communities sick, moving to create 10,000 Climate Jobs by 2026, and developing a distributed water capping system. With hundreds of oil wells operating throughout CD13, Hugo’s district is in many ways ground zero in the fight against fossil fuels.


Katy was the architect of L.A. County's Safe Clean Water Program and created the County's first Office of Sustainability and helped develop the Clean Power Alliance, California’s largest community choice energy program. Katy's Council District has 1,071 active oil wells, more than any other in Los Angeles. The cost to human health—both human wellbeing due to proximity to the drill sites and the long-term trajectory of risk to human life from climate catastrophe—means there’s just no future for oil drilling in L.A. Katy is determined to accelerate and implement a phase-out strategy that includes at the table the predominantly Black and Brown workers who will be required to transition into new jobs.


Sheng Thao has introduced and passed legislation making wildfire prevention and climate change a top priority for all planning decisions, and expanded vegetation management funding, tree services, and brought a new Open Space Supervisor to Oakland to manage large projects and ecosystems. Additionally, she won funding for tree planting in East Oakland and habitat restoration. She also signed the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge and to refuse donations from polluters and coal interests.


Kevin is running to ensure that District 6 shares in Oakland’s revitalization and that our neighborhoods are clean and safe. At City Hall, Kevin will look to our community to propose community based changes, and will be a champion to make those changes our reality. Kevin is also running to ensure that we protect our planet by ensuring that Oakland becomes a climate resilient city.


Megan Green knows the time for bold climate action is now. Alderwoman Green has a track record that shows she's not afraid to stand up to special interests like corporate polluters and the fossil fuel industry. Megan has been a constant champion for developing renewable energy infrastructure, cutting St. Louis' carbon emissions and building a greener city that works for everyone. As the next President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, she'll continue the work to make St. Louis a leader in the fight against the climate crisis.


The Climate Crisis - Caused by Fossil Fuels

The fossil fuel industry is by far the leading cause of the climate emergency: eighty five percent of U.S. greenhouse gas pollution comes from oil, gas, and coal.

It has been well documented that the fossil fuel industry understood the climate science for over half a century, but instead of taking action, funded a massive disinformation campaign to confuse people, and relentlessly blocked climate action and alternatives to their dirty products.

Don’t be fooled by today’s greenwashing – oil, gas, and coal companies don’t plan to stop anytime soon, nor do the politicians who support them.

Globally, industry plans to produce more than twice the amount of oil, gas, and coal by 2030 than is consistent with limiting warming to the 1.5 degree temperature guardrail scientists say we must maintain to preserve a livable planet. In fact, the fossil fuels already in development globally contain enough carbon to blow through that 1.5 degree limit, meaning that new development must not be allowed and existing fields and mines must be shut down before their reserves are fully depleted. Yet U.S. producers, using fracking, are poised to unleash unprecedented oil and gas expansion that would make maintaining a safe climate virtually impossible. That must not be allowed to happen.

A vast scientific literature has documented that fossil-fuel driven climate change is an existential “threat to human well-being and planetary health” and that every increase in fossil fuel pollution pushes us further toward a dangerous and increasingly unlivable planet. The climate emergency is here, and it is killing people, intensifying food insecurity, driving political unrest, causing ecosystem collapse, and creating escalating suffering across the nation and around the world. The climate crisis also furthers glaring injustice, with Black, Latino, Indigenous, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, and other communities of color and low-wealth communities experiencing the gravest harms.

Read more about the science and why time has already run out:

Release of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Working Group II

IPCC Special Report on 1.5 Degrees

U.S. Global Change Research Program, Fourth National Climate Assessment


We urgently need a political organization that can serve as a direct counterforce to the fossil fuel industry and rid our government of representatives who fail to take a stand on climate. Please join our mailing list for more information on our efforts to win elections.